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  Welcome to Sister Namibia

Sister Namibia is a feminist and women’s rights organization located in Windhoek, Namibia. Since our establishment in 1989 we have been a constant voice for women and women’s equality throughout the lifespan of independent Namibia.

Sister Namibia Magazine, first published in 1989, is published four times per year and is designed to inspire and equip women to make free choices and act as agents of change in their relationships, their communities, and themselves. Additionally, Sister Namibia’s website actively facilitates networks in order to promote women’s empowerment and gender equality and can connect you to organisations that can assist you with gender related issues. See the list of organisations that could assist you in your needs.  Please consider working with them to further support their causes.

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End GBV in the world of work!

Our initiatives are based on five core feminist values:

Transformative leadership
Consideration and empathy
Learning and enabling environment

Sister Namibia regularly hosts workshops with schools and university learners, youth groups and other organizations. Our workshops are interactive and educative revolving around up-to-date topics on gender issues and women’s situation in Namibia.

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We have over 2,000 books in our library

Urban Girls EmpowermentWalking Through FireChallenges for Anthropology

Now you can search for and find information about all of Sister’s books on our website. Take a look at our library page, and if you find a book that interests you, stop by our office!

Our Vision is to raise awareness and lobby for women’s rights through information sharing and dialogue on a variety of platforms with a wide range of stakeholders. We have always been driven by a spirit of feminism, democracy and human rights to see women and men become equal partners on economic, political and private spheres. We aim to achieve a society that challenges all forms of discrimination and champions fair and inclusive practices through constant dialogue, critique and response to current issues.

Building the feminist movement in Namibia